02-26-2016 ARTIST

Artist Draws Huge Murals In Snow With Just His Feet! (No Big Machines or Other Peoples Help)

Winter is slowly drawing to a close with March just around the corner. Love it or hate it winter is that time of year of cold shorter days and longer nights. One man who enjoys the winter season is British artist Simon Beck. He discovered a brand new style of art by making stunning geometric designs in the snow using only his feet. Beck graduated from Oxford University and decided to leave his desk job in order to become a cartographer. He got the idea of snow designing while skiing in 2004. He already was an outdoorsman and an expert with map and compass navigation. He also had a fascination with geometric designs since he was a kid.

After making his first design over a decade ago, every winter he tries to make around 30.He says the challenge comes from having to start. But his skills with mapmaking and using a compass definatley help make the job more easier. His works are truly stunning from both an artistic and athletic point of view.

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