02-26-2016 FATHERIO

Turn Your iPhone into a Real Life First Person Shooter Game With The Father.IO

The first real life massive multiplayer FPS has finally come. Father.IO looks to revolutionize mobile gaming by offering a small device (called the inceptor) that melds your phone from the digital into the real world. The device, combined with the app allows players to engage in huge multiplayer real world battles. The company launched on Indiegogo yesterday and has already smashed its goal of $50,000 USD.

"Father.IO is an alternate reality future, set shortly after the Technological Singularity. Artificial intelligence has surpassed human intelligence, the IoT connects the whole world to the Net. Humanity created "Ethereus," a super-cloud computer, able to re-design itself, in a perpetual and hyper-accelerated process of artificial evolution."

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