02-17-2016 PARENT

SPOOKY! Balloon Gets Possessed by Dead Child To Hug Mother One Last Time at Funeral!

A real parent is one whose whole life changes once their child is born. Being concerned with personal affairs become second or third as one no longer thinks about what's best for themselves. The child's well being is first. Everything becomes about your kids and you try to do anything for them. When your child gets hurt you feel their pain. If they get a great score on a math exam or win that chess tournament you cheer with them. That's why its extremely devastating for a parent to have to mourn the loss of their child. Mental breakdowns and bouts of insanity and grief have been well documented aftermaths after the loss of a child. Joy Ganda Vibar-Alamares of the Philippines had to say goodbye to her beloved 7-year-old son, Trebby, last September. Crying inconsolably while staring at the coffin housing her baby boy a miracle occurs. One of several white helium-filled balloons that was decorating the altar floats away from the coffin and towards Joy. As if it had a consciousness in it the balloon brushes against her head and then continues on. The mother begins to cry even more and as if the balloon has a brain it changes directions, comes back to comfort her. Is this paranormal activity. Is this a sign of GOD? Was the balloon guided by the hand of Trebby in another dimension that can't be seen in this dimension of space and time? Its certainly a remarkable random coincidence that leaves you wondering of unseen power that may exist. written and posted by Luke Trollman

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