02-17-2016 WELL

Well Dressed Player Hater Says Black Men Behave Emotional And Bitchy!

I don't consider acting emotional and "bitchy" a feminine trait. Especially if you notice more men behave in a gossipy, groupie, bandwagonish type manner even more effectively than the false stigma it has been placed on women. What is the cause of these men behaving in such manners. Street poet and author Brad Bathgate (aka well dressed player hater) gives his expertise as to the origin of said behaviors. Does being raised in a single family household have precedence on the behavioral outcome of boy becoming a man? Are mothers to blame and responsible for grown men behaving like adolescents? Does the lack of a strong father figure help promote a negative conditioning in the mental development of a child? These questions are debatable but one thing is for certain, the struggle is real. written and posted by KC Phoenix

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