10-12-2015 GOBLIN

MUST SEE! Goblin Creature Caught On Video As Mother Records Baby!

An Argentinian mother captured something quite unexpected in a video of her son Benjamin. The creepy footage reveals a mysterious creature running in the background of the video, disappearing under a chest of drawers.

The goblin video has gone viral since it was uploaded, reaching nearly 12 million views. The child's mother, known as Silvia, claims that the video has not been edited in any way and that she often heard Benjamin talking to himself while sitting on the floor, according to the New York Daily News. She figured it was normal baby banter until the goblin showed itself on the video.

Benjamin seems to hear and see the goblin, taking the time to look under the chest of drawers to see where it went. Silvia, shocked by the appearance of the goblin, also bends over to see where the goblin went and reassure herself that she actually saw the creature. Even after the original incident, she was skeptical about what she saw. However, she has reported that the goblin has been captured on video at least five times.

Silvia claims that she can tell when the goblin is around, even if she doesn't see it, according to Metro. Silvia claims that the goblins are always accompanied by a nauseating smell. She also states that, since the goblin was first discovered, it has never harmed her or her family in any way. Therefore, she believes it to be a peaceful creature and completely harmless.

Benjamin is now 5-years-old, and Silvia believes that he and the goblin are still good friends to this day. The video is not the best of quality, and the goblin's details are similar to that of most Bigfoot videos, leaving many to claim the goblin is fake. Some clues, such as the creature’s shadow and stride, provide reality to its presence. However, many feel it is an amateur editing job.

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