08-16-2015 BLOOD

Bloods Gang Leader Intense Police Standoff With AK-47!

NEW YORK - 38-year-old Garland Tyree, reported to have been a high ranking member of the Bloods-affiliated 9 Trey gang in New York City, was killed in a shootout with police, ending a six-hour standoff that began after he shot a fireman.

Police and fire officials say a U.S. Marshals regional task force, with NYPD detectives, was to arrest Garland Tyree on federal parole violation charges early Friday. When police arrived at the entrance to his girlfriend's basement apartment in Staten Island, Tyree ignited a commercial grade smoke grenade. Fearing a fire, police called the New York City fire department. 
One firefighter, 54-year-old Lt. James Hayes, entered the basement apartment, where Tyree fired four shots from an AK-47 type rifle. Hayes, was shot in the buttock and calf, but managed to escape. NYPD tactical units and US Marshals then surrounded the house, commencing a six-hour standoff.

During negotiations, police allowed Tyree's girlfriend and mother to talk to him on the phone, asking him to give himself up. His mother was flown to Staten Island from Delaware on an NYPD helicopter. Tyree also spoke to a reporter for news website DNAinfo.com, and updated his Facebook page, posting the words "Today I die".

After telling his mother he would surrender, Tyree exited the house wearing body armor, and firing multiple shots from his fully automatic rifle. Police fired back, killing Tyree. Inside the apartment, police found three handguns, and an additional 75-round magazine for the AK-47 type rifle.

Garland Tyree had been in and out of jail since the age of 16. The news website DNAinfo reports that, in 2002, Tyree was identified by the FBI as having the rank of "Godfather" in the 9 Trey gang. He was most recently released from prison in July 2014, but was suspected of having used cocaine and associating with known gang members, in violation of his probation. US Marshals and NYPD were attempting to arrest Tyree for those infractions on Friday, before the standoff started.

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