09-04-2015 BRONX

Bronx Man Hits Granny with His Honda, Then Drives Off WITHOUT Helping Her!

The victim of a hit-and-run that was caught on surveillance video in the Bronx spoke out on Tuesday. Aracelis Criollo, 51, was crossing the street in front of 525 Jackson Ave. in Mott Haven at around 10:30 a.m. on Aug. 19 when she was hit. "I was excited that day," she told CBS2's Dave Carlin. "I was going to go see my grandson and never made it."

Video captured by supermarket surveillance and released by police shows a gray Honda backing up into Criollo, knocking her to the ground. The driver stops, gets out of the vehicle, and walks toward Criollo, who said she was on the ground in agony. But instead of helping her, the driver began berating her. "He's getting mad at me and told me to get up. He said, 'You're OK. Get up, get up.' And he said it was my fault and I told him I couldn’t get up,” Criollo said.

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