08-05-2015 NICKI

Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Cuddle Amid Split Rumor

Just a couple of days ago, rumors began to swirl that Nicki might've dumped Meek Mill over his feud with Drake, with people basically thinking that Nicki had gotten tired of the drama and broke up with Meek Mill as a result.
 But, it looks like Nicki is trying to shut those rumors down. She went on Instagram on Monday to post a couple of pics of her and Meek Mill. One picture even shows Nicki and Meek locked up in each others arms on stage in Atlanta on Sunday night. 
The couple is currently touring together and judging by this picture, it looks like everything is just fine between the two. The "Superbass" singer captioned the photo QUOTE Last night was one of the most epic shows I've ever been apart of. Atlanta has a different kind of energy. Thank you for the love & support, I really didn't wanna get off that stage. END QUOTE
 But that's not it - the love fest continued with a second picture shows the couple hanging out with some friends after the show.
But it's not all rainbows, butterflies and candy canes in paradise because even though things appear to be going well between Nicki and Meek, things aren't going so well between Meek and Drake. Drake actually dissed Meek during his performance at OVO festival in Toronto on Monday night. During his performance, Drake had a backdrop playing behind him, showing memes of his and Meek's feud. 
Also, during rehearsal for his performance, Drake wore a "Free Meek Mill" shirt, referencing Meek's 2014 arrest. OMG so much DRAMZ!

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