07-26-2015 ROAD

Road Rage Incident in Albuquerque Ends Horribly!

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - A road rage incident that led to a KO was caught on tape. But, it was the man who took the L that is the one who ended up behind bars. The video was shot Wednesday after a father followed a suspected drunk driver, who had just been involved in a road rage incident. The guy who shot it posted it on his YouTube channel, ABQ Raw.

There were tense moments in a neighborhood near Coors and Dellyne Wednesday night. Police say the video was shot around 7:30, and calls poured in from neighbors. The man who took the L is 26-year-old Ryan Allen. The other man had followed Allen home.

A few minutes later, the arguing escalates and Allen is knocked out. Ryan lays there unconscious as his father Greg and the other man continue to argue. Greg says he only came out of his home because his son showed up terrified. "He said somebody was chasing him, so I walked out and the guy was chasing him," said Greg Allen.

The man in the truck told KRQE News 13 a much different story over the phone Thursday. He says Ryan Allen had driven by his 22-year-old son a couple blocks away and flashed a gun at him and flipped him off. His son followed Allen in his car, so he followed his son to protect him.

The man wanted to make it clear Thursday, he gave Allen warning after warning, to back off as he was on the phone with police, before he threw that knockout punch, and the video supports that.

When police showed up, Ryan Allen admitted he'd been drinking and was arrested for aggravated DWI. He did not admit to police he threatened anyone with a gun. He was released from jail and his dad says he's now in the hospital for a concussion.

As for the driver who threw the punch, he wasn't charged with anything. He said he's still worried about his safety, and his son's, with Allen knowing where they live. The Allen family contacted KRQE News 13 Thursday night. They deny a gun was involved in this incident.

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