05-08-2015 SALUTE

Salute the Real (Starring Al Nuke) [Episode 1]

Money, Murder, and Mayhem is the history of Detroit's Underworld and Al Nuke is a Boss of all Bosses. Determined to weed out the bad seeds, Nuke is forced to shed blood even if it means his own family and close friends that betrayed him.

In the meantime Nuke tries to unite the Top Bosses of Detroit, so they all can eat together peacefully, and bring some order to the grimy streets.

Unfortunately it is not easy as DAME "played by 1000" and others rivals block the peace treaty. Will the bosses unite or create a blood bath.

This epic and gripping mini series is paved by music from Al Nuke to help visualize what is in the head of the Detroit Don.

Brace yourself; Salute the Real is here which means the REAL is BACK.

Download the music at SaluteTheReal.com

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