03-19-2015 LAMBORGHINI

Mansory Lamborghini TOROFEO

This is Kourosh Mansory's vision for the Lamborghini Huracan = The TOROFEO. First things first, the name. I find it quite funny because in spanish "Toro feo" means "ugly bull", which is... well, peculiar. Also, I can't help thinking of "Trofeo", which makes me uncomfortable because it's actualy "Torofeo". Anyways. Back to the car.

Other than that, I sincerely think this modified Lamborghini Huracan isn't all that bad. It gains a bit of power, as with all Mansory models. The modifications aren't as bad as one might think, and the interior is, as usual with Mansory, quite nice!

MORE VIDEOS COMING SOON !!! Filmed with a Sony HDR CX700 Enjoy!

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