03-09-2015 APPLE

Apple Watch: The Most Advanced Timepiece Ever Created?

The time has finally come for the Apple Watch. Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the wearable -- the company's first entirely new product line in five years -- Monday at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco.

After talking about a number of other updates, Cook called Apple Watch "the most personal device we have ever created" and "the most advanced timepiece ever created."

And it will be by far the most expensive smartwatch ever created -- at least for the 18-karat solid gold version, which will be priced at $10,000.

The basic versions will cost $349, for the Sport, and between $549 and $1,049 for the midrange stainless steel model, depending on size and choice of watchband.

Preorders for Apple Watch begin April 10 and they will ship starting April 24.

Calling the new device a comprehensive health and fitness companion, Cook gave a brief summary of the health and fitness capabilities of Apple Watch, like tracking your movement throughout the day, giving you weekly reports and targets for next week, and reminding you when you've been sitting to long and ought to get up and move around.

A video featuring model and women's health advocate Christy Turlington Burns showed her talking about how Apple Watch fitness apps help her train for races like an upcoming marathon.

Developers have been creating thousands of new apps for the wearable, which is designed for quick bursts of use -- just a few seconds at a time.

Cook ran through some of the various ways Apple Watch can connect to social media, such as the Facebook app, and described how it can be used to keep track of news right when it happens.

VP of Technology Kevin Lynch, who has been overseeing the software on Apple Watch, demonstrated how you can press the crown to start Siri and get readouts on the watch face. He also showed how to pay with Apple Pay on the watch, to a round of applause. He answered a phone call from Bow Wow Meow on the watch on stage and ordered himself an Uber.

Showing off how the watch can be used while traveling, Lynch illustrated how Passbook can get get you through airport security, and let you skip check in at a W Hotel, so you can go straight to your door and unlock it with your wrist.

He also used an app from alarm.com to unlock the garage door at his home.

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