07-31-2014 HIP

A Way Of Life [Hip Hop Documentary Trailer]

Industry Number 1' Hip-Hop collective launch 'A Way Of Life' a journey though the world of global Hip-Hop. 

A feature length documentary covering the expansion of the most significant musical movement of modern times. 


Shot over a span of two years in 21 locations across the globe 'A Way Of Life' explores Hip-Hop culture from music to graffiti, beat boxing and break-dancing.

The film highlights are Hip-Hop's progression through it's near 40 year existence, from an underground subculture of New York "Bronx" Hip-Hop to the Ghanaian Hip Life scene and Hip Hop being used to teach English and life skills in Cambodia.

Interviews include up and coming as well as established artists such as KRS One (USA), Skinnyman (UK), Jeru The Damaja (USA),Marcelo D2 (Brazil), Lord Finesse (USA) & Big Narstie (UK) illustrating their talent, background & the socio- cultural environments that influence their music. 

"Hip hop is a basic attitude against oppression, the attitude that my voice isn't being heard, and I'm going make my voice heard no matter what, that goes across all races of people, all cultures"- KRS-One 

"Its become a foster parent for thousands of races" - Big Narstie

The film has already gained valuable recognition leading to radio features for Reprezent & Deja Vu radio (London), collaborations with various record labels such as Kartel Records (Malaysia), Klap Ya Handz (Cambodia), Prosto (Poland) & a forthcoming taster screening at Xplosif Hip-Hop Festival in Stavanger, Norway. 

'A Way Of Life' gives prominence to a culture that has gone beyond music, providing an accessible platform of expression for millions of people across the globe.

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