PURE EVIL: Chicago Rapper Young QC Killed His Mom For Her Money Then Speaks To News About Her Death!
Published on December 29, 2013

"Yep this dude Qawmane "Young QC" Wilson had his mother (the popular Chicago hair dresser) Yolanda Holmes killed in Sept. 2012. I just saw this dude at a party a couple of weeks ago dancing and living it up. Never knew he had done that. One of my homeboys told me when his mother got killed he called them and came around them crying and acting sad and hurt over it, needing emotional support. Little did they knew he orchestrated the killing. He even got his mothers name tattooed on him. Smh. People said she was a nice, sweet and good hearted woman. She wasn't ratchet either. People say she gave him a lot. He never wanted for anything. She was successful and was going to help him get successful. Just type in his real name and it'll show you the report. Type in her name and it'll show you the report when it first happened. Go to his instagram page @youngqc and his facebook fan page Young QC and look at his pics and videos and you'll see his obsession with money, cars and fame. He even got 100's of girls lusting over him and acting thirsty over his money, cars and fame. This is what greed and the love of the root to all evil will do. This dude is evil and unhuman. Even if he didn't kill his mother (and the Police are trying to say he did) the fact that he's being flashy, arrogant and loving the attention he gets is the wrong message."

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