Queens Veteran Rapper Killa Sha Dies! [R.I.P]

Recorded live @ BB Kings NYC 12.20.06 Born and raised in the notorious and historical Queensbridge Houses of New York City, Sha-Lumi has had a front row seat to the evolution of hip hop since day one. Sha first began his career in hip hop as a dj and producer for a group called The Super Kids. The group consisted of himself, Craig G., and Tragedy. Their only release was a 12 single on Nia Records in 1986 called The Tragedy (Dont Do It). Unfortunately, the group later separated. Sha kept focused and began to dj for the infamous Mobb Deep. As time went by, with the skills rapidly improving, Sha formed the group Killa Kidz. The group consisted of himself, Psycho Child (a.k.a. Mr. Challish), Mr. Ruck, and Baby Sham. Killa Sha passed away this weekend due to complications from diabetes.

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