Unarmed Man Is Shot At 81 Times & Killed By LAPD For Having A Slipper! Cops Even Shoot The K9!

24-year-old, DeAndre Brunson, who was shot and killed by the LA County Sheriffs'. Deputies had responded to a domestic disturbance call where Deandre Brunston lived. Afraid for his life, Deandre, who was unarmed, jumped out of a second-story window and fled on foot. The deputies cornered him nearby and threatened to release a police K9 on him. Afraid of the police pointing guns at him and the vicious dog attacking him, DeAndre told the police that he had a gun and would shoot the dog if it came to attack him. When the police finally released the dog on DeAndre, he tossed what appeared to be a slipper. Before police could identify that DeAndre was unarmed or allowed the K9 to take DeAndre down, a few trigger happy cops started firing at DeAndre. DeAndre had been shot a total of 22 times, and over 80 rounds of ammunition had been discharged from three police guns.

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