The Magic City [Movie Trailer]
Published on November 20, 2011
Set in the vibrant atmosphere of Miami's underground teenage club world, we follow the powerful journey of Amiya Castle, who feels discarded by her mother after being left to spend the summer with relatives. In the gritty Liberty City area, Amiya, a deeply troubled girl, comes face to face with unbelievable circumstances of tragedy and turmoil that she chronicles. When Amiya is forced to explain a school report, she reveals accounts of her summer infatuation with the neighborhood thug and of a young girl's attempt to keep her drug-addicted mother alive. Amiya is also pressed to explain the tragic story of two sisters, Nia and Tiana, who are fiercely devoted to each other and to staying out of the welfare system, where they spent several years after their mother abandoned them. Now living with their only available relative, Aunt Georgia, Nia and Tiana, feel hopeful for the first time in their young lives. After an unexpected death occurs, the girls friendship grows into a tight bond, where personal lessons are learned and a dark secret is kept. The Magic City is full of vibrant characters, and gut-wrenching twists and turns. This is a story of hope, heartbreak and ultimately, the will to survive. In Theaters 2012. Directed by R. Malcolm Jones

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