Handcuffed Goon Escapes From Police Car!

An in-cruiser camera captured a suspect in handcuffs wriggle free of them, unlock the car, and flee from police. In the video, Quincy Alexander, 26, managed to slip out of his handcuffs almost immediately, but he appears to hesitate -- looking around and perhaps weighing his options -- before finally escaping from the cruiser, presumably through a window. The officer's reaction was not captured on film, but he checked on Alexander twice prior to the quiet exit, according to The Detroit Free Press. After a three-hour manhunt by four departments and two K-9s, Alexander was found hiding in a swampy area. Roughly a month after the July incident, West Bloomfield Township Chief Michael Patton issued the officer a three-day suspension, but the punishment was reduced to a written reprimand on Tuesday.

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