Female Mayor In The Philippines Punches Out Sheriff Several Times During Demolition Dispute

Mayor Duterte got into the altercation with the sheriff who was accompanying a demolition crew in her Davao Agdoa district. Duterte had rushed to the area when informed that a demolition team was tearing down the shanties where 217 families were living, surrounded by angry residents armed with improvised sling-propelled darts, other bladed weapons and hard objects. Minda Saison, vice chair of the United Settlers Association, said they were being forced out of the lot, which was being claimed by a Jaime Uy of the Davao Enterprise Corp. As the demolition team was advancing and the residents started to put up a fight, Duterte arrived and interceded. Duterte told the demolition team she did not want bloodshed. Duterte told them that as early as Thursday, she already asked the court to delay the demolition of the shanties because she knew it would be bloody as residents were ready to fight back.

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