It's Official Uncle Luke/Luther Campbell To Run For Mayor Of Miami

There was probably a time in the 1980s when Luther Campbell felt like the king of Miami. When his raunchy rap group, 2 Live Crew, was cranking out the hits and making headlines across the nation for their sexually explicit rhymes, Uncle Luke could not be stopped and the world was his thong-wearing, booty-dropping oyster.

The roar of the crowd has died down, but Campbell apparently still craves the spotlight, which might explain why the now 50-year-old "Me So Horny" rhymer and occasional Miami New Times columnist is considering a run for mayor of Miami.

He's keeping his eye on a March 15 vote to recall current mayor Carlos Alvarez and, not surprisingly, one of the rapper's platforms has something to do with strippers ... though not in the way you might think.
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