5 Teens Die From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning While Celebrating Birthday In Florida Motel!

Five teenagers celebrating a friend's birthday inside a South Florida hotel room were accidentally killed by carbon monoxide from a running car, authorities said. A spokesman with the Hialeah Fire Department said a hotel maid called 911 Monday after seeing people unconscious through a window at the Hotel Presidente near Miami International Airport. The Miami Herald reports that the bodies of the teenagers -- Juchen Martial, 19, Evans Charles, 19, Jonas Antenor, 18, Peterson Nazon, 17, and Jean Pierre Ferdinand, 16 -- were found on or around their beds at approximately 2 p.m. Monday. The friends, all from a small Haitian community in Miami, rented the motel room the day after Christmas to celebrate Martial's 19th birthday, according to the newspaper. Police spokesman Carl Zogby said the teenagers' deaths were accidental.

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