16 Twerking Videos Found
Nicki Minaj Ex-Boyfriend Safaree Caught TWERKING! (Meek Mill Calls Him Gay)
Total Views 40072
Christina Milian, Lexy Panterra Launch Twerking App
Total Views 39363
Future Black History: Twerking [Episode 1]
Total Views 35758
Shouting Contest Ends In Twerking At Detroit Pawn Shop
Total Views 26300
3 Women TWERKING Outside City Hall Thrown In JAIL! [Portland]
Total Views 60612
#TWERKUMENTARY (Movie About Twerking Dance Phenom) [Trailer]
Total Views 141654
Husband Is Sad His Wife In The Club Twerking On Other Men! (Poor Guy)
Total Views 32889
Diddy Dances! 'I Lost A Lot Of Street Cred!'
Total Views 42401
Bill Nye The Science Guy Breaks Down The Science Of Twerking! 'Twerking Is Part Of Evolutionary Biology!'
Total Views 29950
Black Bike Week [20min Documentary]
Total Views 25663
Iggy Azalea Says She's Not Really A Rapper, She Doesn't Own Twerking & She's NOT A Party Girl!
Total Views 45159
Miley Cyrus Ruined Twerking Forever?
Total Views 39577
The Complete History Of Twerking!
Total Views 53939
Morgan Freeman Defines 'Twerking'! 'Was I Sober?'
Total Views 39858
Cat Twerking!
Total Views 63894
Jay-Z Calls Miley Cyrus A God, Loves Her Twerking!
Total Views 71772

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