19 Twerking Videos Found
Nicki Minaj Twerking Her Big Booty In A Thong!
Total Views 44035
Antonio Brown Gets Penalized Again For Twerking After Touchdown
Total Views 35364
Lowriders and Twerking Shuts Down The Block In Albuquerque (Cops Don't Revoke Their Hood Pass)
Total Views 42847
Nicki Minaj Ex-Boyfriend Safaree Caught TWERKING! (Meek Mill Calls Him Gay)
Total Views 40101
Christina Milian, Lexy Panterra Launch Twerking App
Total Views 39398
Future Black History: Twerking [Episode 1]
Total Views 35783
Shouting Contest Ends In Twerking At Detroit Pawn Shop
Total Views 26328
3 Women TWERKING Outside City Hall Thrown In JAIL! [Portland]
Total Views 60643
#TWERKUMENTARY (Movie About Twerking Dance Phenom) [Trailer]
Total Views 141676
Husband Is Sad His Wife In The Club Twerking On Other Men! (Poor Guy)
Total Views 32908
Diddy Dances! 'I Lost A Lot Of Street Cred!'
Total Views 42416
Bill Nye The Science Guy Breaks Down The Science Of Twerking! 'Twerking Is Part Of Evolutionary Biology!'
Total Views 29965
Black Bike Week [20min Documentary]
Total Views 25700
Iggy Azalea Says She's Not Really A Rapper, She Doesn't Own Twerking & She's NOT A Party Girl!
Total Views 45174
Miley Cyrus Ruined Twerking Forever?
Total Views 39585
The Complete History Of Twerking!
Total Views 53958
Morgan Freeman Defines 'Twerking'! 'Was I Sober?'
Total Views 39872
Cat Twerking!
Total Views 63909
Jay-Z Calls Miley Cyrus A God, Loves Her Twerking!
Total Views 71789

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