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Woman Covers Birthmark With The Power Of Makeup [Before and After]
Total Views 14757
The Longest and Highest Glass Bridge In The World!
Total Views 18873
Rich The Kid and Lil Yachty - Fresh Off The Boat [Music Video]
Total Views 28286
Lil B Explains Curse Placed on Kevin Durant and James Harden
Total Views 21466
Roland Martin DISSES Snoop Dogg's 'Roots' Boycott! (Goes IN On The Rapper!)
Total Views 16427
Matt Damon DISSES Trump and Bankers in MIT Speech
Total Views 29682
Rapper Who Dissed Trump Arrested For Not Respeking His Name And Waving A Gun On Video
Total Views 31745
Grandmother Tries Virtual Reality
Total Views 39166
Man Ignores Museum Rules, Touches Priceless Clock Which Falls From Wall and Smashes
Total Views 38125
Bragg And Jimmy - Animal House [Music Video]
Total Views 16279
FAIL! Man Unaware Of $2 Bail, Spends 5 Months At Rikers Island
Total Views 32692
He's a SAVAGE But His Mom Is FINE! (Real Life Beauty and The Beast?)
Total Views 35714
Lost Tribe - Ego [Music Video]
Total Views 17140
Daz Dillinger Exposes DJ Mustard For Jackin' His Beat And Not Putting Respek On His Name!
Total Views 39151
Blonde Triplets Will Compete In Rio Olympics (But Can They Beat Those Kenyan and Ethiopian Runners?)
Total Views 41519
Wife's Hair Catches Fire On A Candle During Romantic Bath
Total Views 19580
Lil Wayne DISSES Birdman And Cash Money LIVE On Stage!
Total Views 47086
Grandma Running Man Challenge
Total Views 20654
Why There Should Be NO Comparison Between Michael Jordan And Steph Curry
Total Views 18935
Girl In Headwrap Will Believe Anything This Guy Tells Her (Are YOU This Gullible and Naive?)
Total Views 21114
Bobby Shmurda Funny Moments (The Rise and Fall of a Real Street Legend!)
Total Views 35422
Ugly God - Bernie Sanders  [Music Video]
Total Views 27086
Pastor Gets  G-Checked By Goons and Gets Ran Off The Block!
Total Views 39678
FAIL! Man Gets Caught Red Handed But Its Too Late To Turn Back The Hands of Time!
Total Views 29063
Cam'ron Speaks On Reebok Deal and Introduces New Single
Total Views 32836
Making A Killing (Guns, Greed and The NRA) [Trailer]
Total Views 19443
Foldable Phone Prototype
Total Views 17812
Rap Critic Says Brooklyn Amateur Rapper Desiigner Is More Successful Than Future
Total Views 30806
Floyd Mayweather Clears Out Shoe Store To Buy New Kicks (Surrounded By Beautiful Women and Fans)
Total Views 41279
Shannon Briggs Gets Restrained and Carried Away After Bumrushing Security To Get At David Hayes
Total Views 35010
How To Be Real, Raw and Authentic Online Without Being A Twitter/Instagram/Facebook Whore
Total Views 17556
Is Hip Hop Distorting Reality Of Beauty? (Hip Hop Medicine Man Supa Nova and Plus Sized Model Are Concerned!)
Total Views 31789
Desiigner Performs 'Panda' On Stage With Lil Kim [Bad Boy Reunion Tour]
Total Views 27029
Confessions of a D Girl (Dark Skinned Black Woman Talks Colorism and Global Standards of Beauty)
Total Views 29233
FBG Duck - Lets Talk [Music Video]
Total Views 24270
Cardi B Covers Her Eyes And Gets Strange Unexplained Stuff Put In Her Mouth
Total Views 42928
Motorola Bringing Back RAZR Flip Phone
Total Views 20674
Dude Looks JUST Like Future In This Rap Video
Total Views 30626
Team USA Dominates The World Team In Portland
Total Views 20567
You Can't See People Struggle And Do Nothing
Total Views 15162
Extreme Gold Diggers And Their Sugar Daddies
Total Views 32775
Muhammad Ali's Brother on Racism and the Medal Myth
Total Views 17568
Desiigner Performs 'Panda' Live In Chinese!
Total Views 17545
Lebron James Is The King And Real MVP Of Basketball After His BILLION Dollar Deal! (Got His Day Ones As His Partners TOO!)
Total Views 41698
New Google Smart Phone About To Change The Game?
Total Views 28432
Kodak Black and Goons Bring Out The Cars For French Montana Video Shoot
Total Views 31117
Desiigner - Panda [Lean On Me Version]
Total Views 36312
Selena Gomez Crumpling Up a 'Marry Justin' Sign On Stage and Throwing It Away!
Total Views 17793
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Accused of 'Manhandling' And Elbowing People In House of Commons
Total Views 19578
Camaro Crash at Cars and Coffee
Total Views 45292
Panda: Desiigner Reads All The Lyrics
Total Views 45354
So Wrong! Members Get Removed By Force After Singing and Dancing In Parliament!
Total Views 40666
Iso Is The BEST Ball Handler In Asia (Yellow Chocolate?)
Total Views 35051
Ben Simmons vs Brandon Ingram (Who is #1 Pick in 2016 NBA Draft?)
Total Views 38323
Impressive Card Handling Skills
Total Views 41921
Inside Billionaire Paris Hilton's Closet and Denim Collection
Total Views 15528
10k Bandboyz - Jugg In The Hood [Music Video]
Total Views 9092
8-Year-Old Boy Talks About Pineal Gland, The Third Eye and TV Brainwash! 'I Don't Have Cable'
Total Views 15588
Nicki Minaj's Ex Safaree On Red Carpet Screaming and Hollering (Thirsty for Attention?)
Total Views 16045
Male Cheerleader Flies Too High and Falls
Total Views 18174
Exploring Shaq's 70,000 Square-Foot Mansion
Total Views 16125
President Obama and Macklemore Discuss Drug Addiction
Total Views 42235
Guy Finds a Bird Nest and Puts a GoPro Camera Next To It (You Won't Believe What Happens Next)
Total Views 35426
Savage Father Grabs and Shouts At Out Of Control 6-Year-Old Son
Total Views 26322
Funniest And Craziest MMA Moments EVER!
Total Views 45626
Baby Bison Takes on Wolf and Wins
Total Views 48521
Trinidad James Says He's Dropping a Lyrical Project Cause Popping Mollies And Sweating Got Played Out!
Total Views 12888
Desiigner DISSES Future and Says He's NOT a One Hit Wonder 'I Put That Art On The Map!'
Total Views 19711
The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story [Teaser]
Total Views 35274
Politikz - Hand On My Gat [Music Video]
Total Views 24950
Mom Reacts to Yung Lean (LOL, Parents Just Don't Understand)
Total Views 32734
Desiigner Performs 'Panda' On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!
Total Views 17828
Desiigner - Panda [Music Video]
Total Views 48888
BUSETD! Internet Troll Who Threatened Police Apologizes and Tucks Her Tail!
Total Views 16332
Storage Wars TV Show Exposed As FAKE and Staged!
Total Views 29883
Prince Bopp - Bandit [Music Video]
Total Views 15971
Jay Z Called Out By His Alleged SECRET Baby Momma!
Total Views 49636
Rihanna Works To Improve The Quality Of Life For Families And Students In Need
Total Views 40721
Chief Keef Takes The Shirt Off His Back And Gives It To A Homeless Man
Total Views 35327
Respect! Underground Street Ball Is The REAL Heart and Soul of Basketball!
Total Views 26362
Selfless 9-Year-Old Girl Creates and Delivers Care Packages For The Homeless
Total Views 29766
Kylie Jenner and New Boyfriend Prank (The Thirst Is REAL)
Total Views 19952
Montana of 300 - Panda (Remix) [Music Video]
Total Views 17464
Kamaiyah - For My Dawg [Music Video]
Total Views 18483
7-Year-Old Girl Born With NO Hands Wins National Handwriting Competition
Total Views 32582
50-Year-Old Man Reveals The Secrets To Longevity and Health
Total Views 43800
Man Teaches Students A Secret Handshake Instead Of Teaching Them How To Sell Drugs or Disrepsect Women
Total Views 38192
Marvel Comics: Black Panther/Wakanda Explained
Total Views 40386
Squirrel With NO Hind Legs Does Handstand To Get Around!
Total Views 40209
Woman Gets Put In Her Place For Being Wrong and She DROPS Her Ego
Total Views 41454
Students Duct Tape Passed Out Friend and Take Him On a Night Out
Total Views 41745
Snoop Dogg and Kurupt Crip Walking
Total Views 30860
Jaden and Willow Smith on How They Define Creativity
Total Views 46305
5 Richest Hip-Hop Artists (Drake Richer Than Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and Eminem?)
Total Views 34976
Former Officer and Gangster Disciples Who Threatened Rick Ross Get Arrested!
Total Views 30023
Music Manager Scooter Braun On Kanye West! 'Only Kanye Can Truly Understand Kanye'
Total Views 35115
600 Pound Woman Hasn't Walked In 10 Years Is Totally Dependent On Her Husband! (Respect This Man!)
Total Views 35478
Rivals Turned Brothers! Bloods and Crips United In The Trap Kitchen
Total Views 12767
Stephen and Ayesha Curry Talk Parenthood and Their Adorable Pre-Game Ritual!
Total Views 16364
Fetty Wap Looking Broke And Bummy 2 Years Ago Now Getting $100k a Show
Total Views 36484

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