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Brother Polight: The Truth About Colin Kaepernick, The National Anthem, and American Culture [Full Interview]
Total Views 43056
iPhone 7 vs 6S - 12 Reasons To Upgrade To iPhone 7!
Total Views 35503
Next NWA? Emo Kid and His Gang Make a Thugged Out Music Video
Total Views 26204
Dog Tired of Walking And Wanted To Be Carried
Total Views 21039
Blurred Lines: 200 Artists Support Pharrell and Robin Thicke Swagger Jacking Lawsuit Appeal
Total Views 24541
Jtje x Alexanduhr - Type a N*gga/Benzine [Music Video]
Total Views 21532
Makonnen Pleads To Drake and Says He Wants To Talk... Says He Was Joking When He Dissed Him
Total Views 30061
Lonely Man Transforms Into a Dragon Lady (Thirsty For Attention and To Be Loved Or Real Life SNAKE?!)
Total Views 20015
A Mother Monkey and Her Dead Baby
Total Views 31350
Brother Polight Says Colin Kaepernick Should Not Stand for National Anthem
Total Views 122710
Bill Cosby's Mistake With The Cosby Show (According To The Creator of 'The Jeffersons' and 'Good Times')
Total Views 40312
Rudy Giuliani Proclaims Himself Savior of Black People and DISSES Beyonce 'I Saved More Black Lives Than She Has'
Total Views 38116
Young Thug and His Fiancee Talk About Their Relationship
Total Views 29616
Danny McBride and Walton Goggins Absolutely Ruin All-American Icons
Total Views 25088
Why Are People Still Getting Married?
Total Views 25211
Guy Catches His Girl In Hotel With Man And Gets Shot
Total Views 52312
New Basketball Vines and Instagram Videos
Total Views 38932
Hand-Made Ballistic Knife Weaponised Arm Gauntlet
Total Views 28170
Kevin Gates In Court Snitching On Himself
Total Views 29325
Jessica Dime - Panda/Queenin [Music Video]
Total Views 34825
Woman Gets Single Father Set Up To Get Robbed and Killed After Meeting Him On Dating Site
Total Views 28804
Movado Male Groupie Ran Up On The Stage and Gets Manhandled! (When Trying To Join The Bandwagon Goes Wrong)
Total Views 27859
Rapper Makes Song Confessing His Love For Birdman! (Is Dickriding The New Wave?)
Total Views 20308
Birdman and Young Thug Wannabes Stunting Buying Cars With FAKE Money and People Really Falling For It!
Total Views 33227
OG Pulls Up To Teenagers Hood And Gets Manhandled On Facebook Live!
Total Views 41378
Insanely Focused! Daredevil Juggles and Unicycles On A Chimney 840 Feet High
Total Views 39593
Lone Wolf Gets Attacked Cause He Doesn't Want To Join The Bandwagon
Total Views 44776
Kevin Gates On How Him and His Wife Became Muslims! 'I Don't Like The Vibe I Get In Churches!'
Total Views 29733
Jay Z Manhandles Crazed Beyonce Fan
Total Views 38830
Self Inflicted Knockouts In MMA (Watch Them Hands)
Total Views 40942
Meet Zion Harvey, The First Child To Get A Double Hand Transplant
Total Views 17056
Atlanta Artist Russ Blew Up Without Any Co-Signs Or Jumping On Any Bandwagons
Total Views 27514
Masika Kalysha DISSES Fetty Wap and Momma Dee (I Guess She's Not His Trap Queen!)
Total Views 35281
Exposed! Fake Soldier Wannabe Gets Confronted By Veteran at Walmart 'Those Fake Azz Timberlands!'
Total Views 27476
Must See! The Most Amazing Baseball Play EVER! (and He's Not Even in the Major League)
Total Views 31556
B Real And Big Boy Fist Fight Live On Radio! [Throwback]
Total Views 25433
Making a Bow By Hand [Live Free or Die]
Total Views 28259
Dame Dash Talks Success, Kids, Racism, Ethics and More
Total Views 31698
#MrStealYourGrandma Speaks About 15 Minutes Of Fame
Total Views 16780
Man Wearing a Thong and a Fanny Pack Fights For Respect!
Total Views 19756
Rapper Gets Punched and Chain SNATCHED For Homo Line
Total Views 31826
Old Black Man Talks To Female Cop With NO Respect!
Total Views 27004
Major Tornado Aftermath In Grand Rapids, Michigan
Total Views 31336
Joe Blow Gets Exposed In Oakland! 'Where You Sold That Blow At?'
Total Views 34259
Black Teen Millionaire Explains Why He's Rich and Others Stay BROKE!
Total Views 40275
Why You Should NEVER Give a Pound To a Savage
Total Views 35129
Grandmas Gone Wild In Court During Murder Sentencing! (Cane Gets Pulled Out!)
Total Views 28837
Grandpa Attacked In Courtroom For Killing His Grandson
Total Views 31304
Washed Up TV Actress From Moesha and The Parkers Comes Out With New Music Video
Total Views 29820
#MrStealYourGrandma on How To Treat Women
Total Views 25277
Is This New White Rapper Group BETTER Than Migos, Outkast and Das Efx? (Do BlackRappersMatter?)
Total Views 26574
Jadakiss Asks Allen Iverson To Name His Top 5 NBA Players and Top 5 Rappers
Total Views 27533
Unbeaten Heavyweight Boxer 'Big Baby' Got a Big Mouth! (Will He Fail and Get Washed Up?)
Total Views 12868
To My Black Brothers and Sisters In Milwaukee, Listen Up
Total Views 28319
White Rapper Thinks He's 2Pac Reborn and Makes a Song About His Haters
Total Views 19754
Activist Says Michael Jordan Is a SELL OUT! 'He's a Business Man First and Foremost!'
Total Views 34366
Redneck Fight In Broad Daylight (Even The Cats and Dogs Get Involved!)
Total Views 34349
Nasty Hoe Gets Beat With A Stick Cause Dude Came In Her Mouth and Only Gave Her 2 Bucks
Total Views 39260
Titty Trick Shots! with Steve-O and Laura Lux
Total Views 37763
Sheriff David Clarke Blames Milwaukee Riots On Single Moms and Questionable Lifestyle Choices
Total Views 38234
Genius Black Family: 18 Year-Olds With Masters Degrees and Counting
Total Views 23256
Sharks And Crocodiles Visit Couple On a Boat!
Total Views 38876
Thug Flexing With A Couple Bands While Locked Up In Prison
Total Views 32936
Man Cracks Walnuts With His Bare Hands! (No Nutcracker)
Total Views 30834
Crazy Pro-Black Lady Abandons Her Baby To Fight Man In Walmart Parking Lot After He Splashed Her With Mountain DEW!
Total Views 19923
Handcuffed Woman Punched By Police Officer in Cleveland!
Total Views 28549
Bad Boys 3 Gets a New Title and 2018 Release Date
Total Views 20141
Miss BumBum 2016 Contestants Bring Traffic To a Standstill!
Total Views 31019
Man Gets Butt Injections To Swagger Jack Nicki Minaj And Kim Kardashian
Total Views 40380
Black Lives Matter Reparation Demands Faceoff With Player Hater 'We Never Got Our 40 Acres and a Mule'
Total Views 18518
Oakland City Stuff - Big Dog Big Homie [Music Video]
Total Views 135389
Simone Biles and a Legacy of Success in U.S. Gymnastics
Total Views 35092
Gun Traffickers Show How Easy They Get Illegal Pistols In Criminals Hands
Total Views 20485
The Land (Starring MGK, Erykah Badu, Michael K. Williams) [Movie Trailer]
Total Views 14865
2 Grandmothers Fight In The Hospital After Their Grandchild's Birth
Total Views 35931
Tomi Lahren's Final Thoughts on Korryn Gaines and the Black Lives Matter Victimhood Mentality
Total Views 30712
Atlanta Rapper and His Mother Found Tortured To Death (Sister Blames It On Him Being a White Rapper)
Total Views 41539
Mother Son Fell In Love and Will Go To JAIL To Defend Their Relationship
Total Views 38224
Pacer's Forward Myles Turner Surprises Aunt and Grandma With Brand New Car
Total Views 19830
Winifer Fernandez & Dominican Republic Volleyball Girls
Total Views 22107
Man Nearly Dies After Slipping Off Mountain Slide and Over Rocky Cliff!
Total Views 28114
Alabama Police Enters Man's Home Without Warrant and Disrespects Home Owner (Who's Life Matters Here?)
Total Views 23932
Inmates Catch Guard Lacking and Run Up on Him With a Serious Beatdown!
Total Views 20801
Somebody Get Their Grandpa! (Dirty Old Pervert!)
Total Views 17036
Bike Theft and Assault Caught on Camera (Would You Snitch or Mind Your Business?)
Total Views 17716
Lil Uzi Vert Jumps Fence After Getting Chased By Thirsty Male Groupies (Real Life Bandwagon Chasers)
Total Views 40282
Why People Jump On The Bandwagon?
Total Views 14187
Breakdancing Battle Should Be An Olympic Sport! (Incredible Hand and Footwork!)
Total Views 8292
Roy Jones Jr Greatest Hits (Fastest Hands In Boxing?)
Total Views 16709
Murder Suspect Shaking and Talking To Himself In Court After Shooting 2 Teens In The Head!
Total Views 16144
White Girl Got Hands
Total Views 20576
How To Steal Like A Panda: Desiigner's Future Heist
Total Views 29879
Police Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing On Busy Street!
Total Views 28256
Love and Hip Hop Hollywood (Fetty Wap, Safaree Samuels Join The Cast) [Season 3 Full Trailer]
Total Views 35210
Young Wigger Smoking That Loud Shows Slim Jesus and Mac Miller How Its Done
Total Views 42521
Korryn Gaines' Family Questions Cops Use of Lethal Force (Who's To Blame For Her Death and Her Son Getting Shot?!!!)
Total Views 30621
Rapper Warrior Ninja (The Eric Andre Show)
Total Views 30146
Mac Miller - Dang! (feat. Anderson Paak) [Music Video]
Total Views 25197
iPhone 6 Explodes In Man's Pocket Like It Was a Hand Grenade! (Suffers Third Degree Burns!)
Total Views 27051
Wrapped Audi R8 Hit & Run
Total Views 36371

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