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Phantom 4: The REAL Drone We've Been Waiting For Is Finally Here!
Total Views 30003
Caught on Tape: Brazen Brazilian Teens Snatching Chains and Stuff In Broad Daylight!
Total Views 28521
FAIL! Walmart Shoplifter Steals $40 Worth of Meat: Trips and Slams Head First into SUV
Total Views 19962
Rapper Bankroll Fresh Shot and Killed Outside Atlanta Recording Studio
Total Views 24222
Future vs Desiigner
Total Views 27646
Forget Hip Hop, Afrofuturism Mixes Sci-Fi And Social Justice (Here's How It Works)
Total Views 16027
Malcolm-Jamal Warner on the Bill Cosby Scandal!
Total Views 36484
Did Louis Vuitton Swagger Jack Karl Kani And Rocawear? (Made Street Wear High Class!)
Total Views 29647
Kentucky Fried Chicken Has A New Col. Sanders And He's Black
Total Views 26111
Monty and Fetty Wap Riding Around Hollywood In Lamborghini and Ferrari [ILP Lifestyle]
Total Views 41837
Man Has 189 Logos Tatted On His Body! (Real Life Human Advertising Billboard)
Total Views 35432
Unbelievable: This Robot Has Mastered Human Intelligence (Are People Useless Now?)
Total Views 40364
Are Lions Inherently Mean? (Do They Understand Their Own Name?)
Total Views 43192
Top 5 Most Overpriced Tech!
Total Views 37263
Funny and Weird Weather Fails Compilation 2016
Total Views 35482
African Matrix (Everybody Got A Web Series And Think They're Spielberg Nowadays!)
Total Views 25313
Damon Dash on Biggie and Tupac:  They Should Have Squashed That Beef
Total Views 30929
Bernie Sanders Groupie CRIES Because Donald Trump Supporters Are Mean
Total Views 34178
Black Woman Says She'll Divorce Husband If He Doesn't Vote For Donald Trump
Total Views 40498
T-Pain and Ne-Yo on Music Today While Having Cocktails With Khloe Kardashian
Total Views 26174
Azealia Banks On White Hip Hop And Whether She's A Rapper Or a Troll?
Total Views 20400
Caitlynn Jenner Of The Jungle? (Maned Lioness Displays Both Male and Female Traits)
Total Views 31810
Terminator (African Version) [Trailer]
Total Views 17630
15 and Injecting Steroids (Story of Bignattydaddy) [Short Doc]
Total Views 27721
I Love Box
Total Views 29438
We Are The World Using Face Swap Live
Total Views 36119
Range Rover Vogue Blue by Klassen
Total Views 35023
BlackLivesMatter Activist Demands Apology After Getting Kicked Out Hillary Clinton Fundraiser
Total Views 29669
Robot Lives Matter (ASPCA Commercial)
Total Views 31156
African Kids See Drone For The First Time!
Total Views 30236
68-Year-Old Granny Tries MMA, Suffers TERRIBLE Knockout!
Total Views 35875
New Song and Dance All the Cool Kids Are Doing Now Isn't By Kanye West or The Rest of Them Mainstream Rappers
Total Views 38870
Doctor Facing 2 Life Sentences Over Liposuctions and Butt Injections
Total Views 29836
LisaRaye Flip Flops On DISSING Stacey Dash and Black History Month
Total Views 16653
Rappers Are Hard To Understand These Days
Total Views 16179
Cam'Ron DISSES Karen Civil and Says He Has No Beef With Jay Z
Total Views 17933
Chess' First African American Grandmaster: The Wisdom of Maurice Ashley
Total Views 26464
FAIL: Guy Tries To Stand On An Egg
Total Views 20133
50 Cent Thinks Kanye New Artist Desiigner Is A One Hit Wonder
Total Views 34692
Man Finds GIANT Snake In Home and Tries To Touch It! (Guess What Happens Next?!!)
Total Views 25552
Pamela Anderson Makes A Powerful Short Film About Aging and Self Perception
Total Views 19316
HERO! 5-Year-Old Leads Blind Grandmother Out of Burning Home
Total Views 19657
One-Armed Rapper Explains Do's and Don'ts Inside Prison
Total Views 16254
Gay Jedi Scandal
Total Views 15772
Apollo Astronauts Recorded 'STRANGE' Music on Their Equipment! [NASA's Unexplained Files]
Total Views 17768
Credit Card Made From Cardboard and Old VHS Tape Works
Total Views 30712
106-Year-Old Woman Dances With President and Michelle Obama at the White House
Total Views 21678
The Best Robot Hand EVER! (Mimics Everything You Do)
Total Views 41644
FAIL! Preacher Tries To Explain Why He Spent $30,000 For Louis Vuitton and Gucci
Total Views 40699
Woman Addicted To BREAD! (Completely Neglects Fruits and Vegetables)
Total Views 15211
Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg Dresses Like a BUM! (Wears T-Shirts NOT Gucci and Versace)
Total Views 26434
The Secret Confessions of an Internet Troll
Total Views 31028
FAIL! Killers Use Court Appearance To Boost Their Snapchat Followers!
Total Views 36093
DJ Khaled, Snapchat King, Explains Success
Total Views 28417
Da Hulk Confronts Abusive Husbands And They Start To CRY!
Total Views 32390
Is Dancing On Tables Like Bobby Shmurda And Sounding Like Future The New Wave?
Total Views 26330
This Family Has The WORST Next Door Neighbors EVER! (Gun Fights, Reckless Dogs and More)
Total Views 26291
ReFlex: First Bendable Smartphone
Total Views 27558
Grandmaster Chess Player Battles Trash Talking Hustler In NYC Park!
Total Views 21907
Tyler, The Creator Talks Clothing, Black America and Golf
Total Views 17824
Damon Dash Talks Beyonce Super Bowl Performance and Kanye West Selling Out!
Total Views 36003
Young Thug Reads the Lyrics to Song 'Best Friend' So You Can Actually Understand Them
Total Views 20492
Pope Francis Gets ANGRY and Shouts At A Mexican Crowd! [Rare Footage]
Total Views 34953
Teen Called 'Dr. Love' Arrested For Being a FAKE Doctor And Opening Up His Own Clinic!
Total Views 40208
Donald Trump Calls Men Who Handled Protester To The Stage
Total Views 34549
Money & Violence (Season 2) [Episode 1]
Total Views 25605
Well Dressed Player Hater Says Black Men Behave Emotional And Bitchy!
Total Views 36509
New Age Hip Hop? (Is This What Kanye West, Young Thug and Lil B Started?)
Total Views 40748
Watch The Throne! Rising Star Doesn't Even Have An Album Out And He's Selling Out Barclays Center
Total Views 27753
LeBron James' Top 10 Rules For Success
Total Views 27650
REAL Doctor Raps About Being In The Lab NOT Singing and Dancing In Da Club
Total Views 21048
This Prison Band Is Nominated For A Grammy (Step Your Game Up Gucci Mane & Max B!)
Total Views 25590
Child Geniuses Use Their Brains For Advanced Math and Speed Memory NOT A Smartphone
Total Views 38564
Donald Trump and Jeb Bush RUTHLESSLY Go At Each Other! (Boos On Fleek!)
Total Views 19625
Handicap Pro Gamer Uses His MOUTH To Beat Opponents
Total Views 18698
Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon's AWESOME 2016 Slam Dunk Duel
Total Views 36074
Bill O'Reilly Explains Why Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders Are The SAME!
Total Views 36656
Is State Farm Insurance Sneak Dissing Hip Hop And Promoting Snitching In This Music Video?
Total Views 35830
Floyd Mayweather Defends Cam Newton, Discusses Super Bowl Performance and Scrutiny Afterwards!
Total Views 46012
Tupac and Kanye West Talk Being Humble
Total Views 34742
Meet The Model Who Inspired 'Zoolander'
Total Views 18413
Beautiful Woman Born With NO LEGS and Abandoned By Parents Finds Love Within
Total Views 25475
Get A Grip! Who Knew Grabbing An Egg Was So Complicated?!
Total Views 35173
Eric Garner's Daughter Emotional Video Endorsing Bernie Sanders For President!
Total Views 41591
Malaysian SWAT Ain't Playin' As They Raid A Bus and Rescue Passengers!
Total Views 27477
Cockroaches Survive Squeezing, Smashing, and More
Total Views 21398
Welcome to Noisey on Viceland [Trailer]
Total Views 34976
DADA 5000 Shows How They Handle Beef In South Florida!
Total Views 25552
FAIL! Husband Tries To Push Baby Back In While Wife's In LABOR!
Total Views 34831
Gymnast Whips, Nae Naes, Dabs and Flips Her Way To An Almost Perfect Score
Total Views 27934
Will Rappers Ever Stop Promoting Fashion Brands Who Could Care Less About Them?
Total Views 32314
Key and Peele Have A Movie Coming Out... Here's The Trailer
Total Views 39161
Leopard Attacks School Teachers and Terrorizes Everyone For 10 Hours! [Alternate Angle]
Total Views 46820
Thirsty Broncos Player Slips and Falls While Trying To Get Some TV Time After Winning Super Bowl
Total Views 38590
Leopard Enters School In India and Causes CHAOS!
Total Views 18835
How To Open A Hotel Safe With A Sock and Magnet
Total Views 28132
Broncos Fan Boy Spends $21,000 On Superbowl Tickets and Doesn't Tell His Wife
Total Views 42616
Ageless Grannies Are Dropping JAWS! (Does Your Grandma Look THIS Good?!)
Total Views 28318
Desiigner Performs 'Panda' At Vinnies Styles In Brooklyn!
Total Views 26978
'Preachers of Atlanta' Pastor Defends Passing Out Condoms and Cigarettes In Church!
Total Views 36094

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