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Lil B Talks Putting A CURSE On James Harden and Kevin Durant!
Total Views 34214
'Losing 19:' Young Black Men and Jail
Total Views 29387
Allen Iverson - Punks and Poets
Total Views 50529
Loisaidas (Executive Produced by Kanye West and Damon Dash) [Episode 2]
Total Views 41118
Cat Plays Handcrafted Whack A Mole
Total Views 34532
LeBron James and Cleveland Cavs 'Flicka Da Wrist'!
Total Views 54274
Young Thug Next Mixtape will be Called 'CARTER 5' and He is NOT Managed by Birdman!
Total Views 36042
Granddaughter Takes All Grandma's Shine At Indy 500
Total Views 25839
Trying To Drink Water In Windy Iceland
Total Views 45062
The Big Come Up: The Black Keys Relive Their Accidental Start
Total Views 39511
Panhandling with a Credit Card Swiper?
Total Views 31006
Houston Rapper Sauce Walka DISSES Drake and HAW Week!
Total Views 57268
640-Pound Teen Sings BETTER Than Drake, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown AND Rihanna?!!!!
Total Views 32144
Lions Patiently Wait For Weak Buffalo To Fall Off And Get Caught Slipping
Total Views 30336
Antoine Dodson Meets Bedroom Intruder Face-To-Face And Goes BEASTMODE! (Hide Yo Kids and Wife!)
Total Views 53072
CRAZY! Brave Diver Sneaks Up On A MONSTER Crocodile and Touches Its TAIL!
Total Views 48649
The DIRTIEST Fighters In MMA
Total Views 41145
McDonald's Employee Says He's Protesting For A Raise So He Can QUIT and Get A BETTER Job!
Total Views 32810
Chris Brown and Baby Royalty Make Red Carpet Debut at 2015 BBMAs
Total Views 24485
Submissive Wives Guide To Marriage 'SUBMIT To Your Husbands!'
Total Views 32940
Woman Catches Fly Ball At Baseball Game, Gives It To Boy And DEMANDS It Back
Total Views 36430
Handcuffed Baltimore Man Fakes Injury After Noticing Camera!
Total Views 48963
Yotaphone 2: The Phone with Two Fronts
Total Views 29825
The Bionic Man (This Guy Has Robot Arms)
Total Views 43870
Artist Claims Jay Z USED Her and Is A CRUEL Man!
Total Views 47812
Billionaire Frank Lowy FALLS Off The Stage During The 2015 A-League Grand Final Trophy Presentation
Total Views 35481
The Simpsons - Springfield Grand Opening [Universal Studios]
Total Views 37421
ARROGANT! Stubborn Drug Addict DISSES His Trap Queen and Entire FAMILY Cause He Wants To Smoke His Crack In PEACE!
Total Views 20324
Jem and the Holograms [Movie Trailer]
Total Views 14857
Weak Link! IDIOT Tries To Steal ATM But His Chain BROKE!
Total Views 38725
'I Am Not A Doll' by Japanese Fashion Brand HEIHEI [Behind The Scenes]
Total Views 25240
UNGRATEFUL! Seagull Gets Rescued and Doesn't Even Say Thank You or Give A Shout Out!
Total Views 26561
10 Homeless People Who Became Rich and Famous
Total Views 37372
Kobe Bryant Takes His Beautiful Wife and Daughter To A Soccer Game
Total Views 33522
Jay Z DISSES Spotify, YouTube and Speaks On Deaths of Freddie Gray, Mike Brown & Trayvon in Freestyle
Total Views 35989
J-Delice (feat. Chinx Drugz and Sagotti) - What's Mine Is Yours (Remix) [Audio]
Total Views 15087
Deaf Jam! NYPD FAILS To Serve & Protect The Deaf: Lawsuit!
Total Views 21744
Greedy Pig In Wheelchair Is Handicap
Total Views 17222
Does OPRAH Smoke Weed and Take Selfies?
Total Views 35799
Draya Does NOT Like Being Called a THOT and Is Ready To Fight!
Total Views 25750
Ex-Con Speaks On Doing 13 YEARS In Prison, Fatherhood, and Chris Brown
Total Views 15721
Fetty Wap Gets Grabbed Off Stage and ATTACKED By Hundreds of Trap Queens In Jacksonville, North Carolina
Total Views 21029
Rolls-Royce Factory Tour: How the Phantom, Wraith and Ghost Are Born
Total Views 16708
Blind Love: Are YOU Dating a Psychopath?
Total Views 25675
Ankle Breakers, Crossovers, and Handles
Total Views 31087
Allen Iverson on Bringing Hip Hop to the NBA, His New Documentary, and Being Misunderstood!
Total Views 35943
Tupac Shakur Is Back and DISSES Young Thug, Lil Wayne, Drake, Jay Z And MORE!
Total Views 36116
Where's The Beef? Crow Fights Off VULTURES and A Jackal Trying To Steal HIS Cow
Total Views 36236
Mitt Romney KNOCKS DOWN Evander Holyfield In Charity Boxing Match! (Real or Fake?)
Total Views 28692
NBA Great Allen Iverson On New Documentary and Legacy
Total Views 39644
Friendly Neighborhood - You Can't Stand Next To Us [Music Video]
Total Views 16930
David Banner DISSES The Black Community For Being SELL-OUTS And Lacking Self-Love
Total Views 13333
Original Gremlins Puppets and Animatronics!
Total Views 27732
SELL OUTS! When Did Kanye, Common, and Raven-Symone, Stop Being Black?
Total Views 37976
Man Has Seizure While Driving and Crashes Into Building [Raw Footage]
Total Views 43917
A Man and A Bear Scare The Crap Out Of Each Other When Walking Around Corner
Total Views 28290
Kid Sees A Pay Phone For The First Time EVER And Prepare To Feel Old
Total Views 41761
Land Rover Set On Fire By Vandals [Caught on Video]
Total Views 16327
This New Sport Is Brutal
Total Views 40771
TM88 (feat. Nephew Texas Boy and Tracy T) - Movin Slow [Music Video]
Total Views 21158
Deep Thought! Are Space and Time An Illusion?
Total Views 24567
Jay Z Stops Beef Between Security And Photographers As Beyonce Watches!
Total Views 48930
Future - 56 Nights [Music Video]
Total Views 20734
Houston Woman Test Drives Car And It Somehow Ended Like THIS
Total Views 25503
Spike Lee New Film 'Chiraq' Causes THOUSANDS To Turn Up For Auditions
Total Views 48251
GRIMEY! Owl Poops on Owl (Runs Off and Leaves Him Out In The Cold Too)
Total Views 48284
Canelo Alvarez vs. James Kirkland Highlights [HBO World Championship Boxing]
Total Views 27704
NASTY! Woman Collects Pee and Feces In A Bag From Strangers With A Smile!
Total Views 11904
Tim Duncan and Blake Griffin Do Battle
Total Views 13102
130 Pound Weight Loss Transformation (Before and After Pictures)
Total Views 16505
What Happened To 'Trap Queen' Rapper Fetty Wap's Eye? (Him and His Mom Explain)
Total Views 46021
Angry Bird! Crazed Pigeon Stalk and Attack Customers in a Parking Garage
Total Views 17479
Man With Down Syndrome Gets Plastic Surgery So He Can Get A Girlfriend and Not Be Bullied!
Total Views 28130
Raekwon, Snoop and Damon Dash Dancing Behind The Scenes of New Music Video
Total Views 19785
This Stalker Girl Broke Into Chris Brown's House and Waited For Him!
Total Views 57886
17-Year-Old Rich Kid Buys Himself Brand New Gold BMW M4 Convertible
Total Views 39140
PARENT FAIL: Mom Abandons Her Newborn Baby On Dark Street
Total Views 39719
Rihanna Wearing A Handmade Dress at the Met Gala 2015
Total Views 27433
Old Men Grooving Bust a Move, And Maybe Their Backs on Britain's Got Talent!
Total Views 38699
Yardy Goat Attacks Curry Goat Shop and The Customers!
Total Views 35592
Floyd Mayweather Believes In LOYALTY And Sticking With His Team Until The End!
Total Views 19185
Tiniest Dog EVER! (Only 3 Inches Tall and Weighs 14 Ounces)
Total Views 17073
Dog Eats Lemon and Goes CRAZY
Total Views 25702
World's First And Only Triple Backflip On A Motorcycle
Total Views 28257
Tracy Chapman 'Stand By Me' [David Letterman Show]
Total Views 28338
Lil Ugly Mane - Alone and Suffering [Music Video]
Total Views 10055
Dancer Lands Dream Job with Taylor Swift Then CRIES About It With His Mom
Total Views 49484
A$AP Rocky Talks Drugs, Music and 'Hippie Love' [Billboard Cover Shoot]
Total Views 14501
Kehinde Wiley's Art Exhibit Raises Questions About Race, Gender and Politics [Brooklyn Museum]
Total Views 18799
Father and Daughter Have World's WIDEST Tongues!
Total Views 35039
Maybe Freddie Gray Was High And Slipped and Fell!
Total Views 35436
Rick Ross Flies Private Jet and Signs Off On Brand New Maybach
Total Views 21832
This Is How You Hand-Make a Rolls-Royce
Total Views 36141
How Do We Change Broken Police Relations in America?
Total Views 26395
Floyd Mayweather's Grand Arrival
Total Views 35178
Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao Face Off At Final Press Conference
Total Views 39360
This Is What A Baltimore Orioles Baseball Game Looks Like Due To The Riots
Total Views 38494
Cam'ron Still Stands By 'NO SNITCHIN'
Total Views 50433
Baltimore Mom Who Smacked Son: 'I don't want him to be a Freddie Gray'
Total Views 28560
Fox Makes Himself A SANDWICH!
Total Views 24596

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