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FAIL: Woman Locked Out Of Her Car and She Can't Even Break The Window
Total Views 20682
Beanie Sigel On Getting Knocked Out and Says Meek Mill Mad Drake Smashed Nicki Minaj
Total Views 40302
This Granny Is Pissed Off!
Total Views 21812
Bay Area Rapper Smacks The Shit Outta Some Producer He Beefing With!
Total Views 28298
Philly Goon Tony Rose Breaks Down The Game and Meek Mill Beef
Total Views 22154
The Jimmy Rosemond Tapes (Former Manager Of The Game and 2Pac Rival) [Episode 2]
Total Views 12557
PikoTaro New Song PPAP Going Viral
Total Views 35642
That's So Raven Star Orlando Brown Describes Raven Symone's Breasts
Total Views 24417
The Jimmy Rosemond Tapes (Former Manager Of The Game and 2Pac Rival) [Episode 1]
Total Views 25788
Lebron James WILL Stand For The National Anthem and Says All Lives Matter!
Total Views 30181
Lil Yachty's Dad Defending His Son's Music and Says It's For Teens, Not 'Old Heads'
Total Views 26225
Serial Street Shooter On The Loose In Phoenix and He's Striking Fear In People's Hearts
Total Views 26240
Jim Jones Wife Gets Caught Tanning Butt Naked!
Total Views 35771
Best Sandwich Toss You Will EVER See In Your Life
Total Views 20525
Woman Returns $5,000 Cash That Came With Her Dominos and Now She Gets Free Pizza For A Year (WWYD?)
Total Views 17386
Airplane Makes Emergency Landing On A Highway
Total Views 35159
Chance The Rapper Created His Own Festival Instead Of Jumping On Everyone Else's Bandwagon
Total Views 26198
Goon Tracks Down Sex Offenders and Beats Them With Hammers!
Total Views 30736
Black Guy Goes To Japan and Pretends To Be Tyrese
Total Views 29471
Jumpshot and a Nice Booty
Total Views 43396
Fat Woman Goes Crazy Because Subway Ran Outta Meatballs
Total Views 36286
This Is Why Getting Married Is For The Birds
Total Views 35574
Georgia Woman Shoots At Robbers Who Kicked Down Her Door and Kills One
Total Views 47431
Chief Keef Manager Uncle Ro Explains How He Landed $8 Million Dollar Deal with Interscope, and Why Keef Flopped
Total Views 25401
Fine Dominican Girl Grabs 100 Random Guys D*cks
Total Views 41949
Maryland Cops Macing 15-Year-Old Girl While Handcuffed (Is White Privilege Over?)
Total Views 40677
The Story of Baltimore's Walking Angel (Shot In Head and Lived To Tell Story)
Total Views 27028
BMW Gets Turned Into Real Life Transformer Car!
Total Views 40718
21 Savage Got His Face Tattoos Removed and Says He's Going To Church!
Total Views 41194
Justin Bieber Look-A-Like Blowing Up Rapping About Louis and Gucci
Total Views 40462
The Game Says He Slept With Kim Kardashian, Khloe and Blac Chyna While Gossiping On Wendy Williams
Total Views 29217
Safaree Selling Coconut Oil Now! (Rubs Down Teairra Mari and Angel Brinks)
Total Views 35524
Tulsa Police Shoot and Kill Unarmed 40-Year-Old Terence Crutcher
Total Views 46266
Internet Rapper Ayo KD Says He Bought A 9 Bedroom Mansion and a Rolls Royce Phantom In Cash!
Total Views 41788
Child Star Corey Feldman Performs His New Song and Now Internet Trolls Dissing Him Badly!
Total Views 34300
Vicious Pitbull Attacks Smaller Dog and Owner!
Total Views 46452
Syrian Rebel Tries To Take Selfie With A Phone Tied To A Bomb, Blows Up Himself and His Friends
Total Views 41589
Moshpit Dude Gets Carried Away and Starts Kicking and Punching Woman and Man!
Total Views 40149
The Game and Sean Kingston Snitching About Robberies On Instagram! (These Rappers Getting Too Emotional)
Total Views 41649
Andy Milonakis - Drake Songs [Music Video]
Total Views 24175
Beanie Sigel Joins Meek Mill In Beef Against Drake and The Game
Total Views 18038
And1 Legend The Professor Gets Challenged To 1 on 1 By A Noob
Total Views 31305
iPhone 7 Scratch and Durability Test
Total Views 20039
The Game Calls Meek Mill A Snitch And Threatens To Beat Him Up
Total Views 33050
Deandre Hopkins Fined $6,000 Dollars for Wearing Yeezy Adidas Cleats
Total Views 38260
Michael B. Jordan Has His Childhood Handshake Into NBA 2K17
Total Views 24930
Chance the Rapper Performs 'No Problem' with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz!
Total Views 32673
Jamaican Dude Claims Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Caused Car Fire
Total Views 34766
Bitch Don't Even Know Me: Wheelchair Bound 86-Year Old Has No Remorse For Purse Snatcher!
Total Views 31053
This Chair Was Really Made From Slave Hair and Cotton!
Total Views 29988
Paralympian Playing Ping Pong With No Hands And A Paddle In His Mouth!
Total Views 26314
This Girl Is Hosting A Twerk Event In NC This Month and It Looks Like It Will Be Very Interesting
Total Views 42234
Walmart Shooting: Employee Shoots and Kills Robber In Florida
Total Views 27427
PAUSE: Antonio Brown Twerks After Touchdown and Gets Penalized
Total Views 31910
Bow Wow Ex-Wife Erica Mena Disrespecting Him During Interview
Total Views 29957
2Pac Disses Nas and Diddy At MTV Music Awards
Total Views 39548
Iowa Teacher Had Sex with Student and Sent Him Sexy Selfies
Total Views 44166
You Never Seen A House That Spins and Tilts 360 Degrees
Total Views 39066
Gangster Slashes Rivals Face and Leaves Him With a Buck Fifty!
Total Views 36921
Kurupt & Daz Says Gay Rappers Will Never Be Accepted and Why 2Pac Would Think Rap Today Is Corny
Total Views 30150
Machine Gun Kelly (feat. Tezo, Dub-o) - Chill Bill (Remix) [Music Video]
Total Views 29512
Chris Brown Getting Emotional and Screaming At Fans During Basketball Game
Total Views 39594
Jah Cure - Rasta [Music Video]
Total Views 28479
MMA Fighter Lands Brutal Flying Kick To Opponents Face!
Total Views 41179
Amazing Portraits Made With Sand
Total Views 35111
Soulja Boy Speaks on $400 Million Deal and Says He Still Getting Ringtone Checks
Total Views 38509
Man Buys New Supercar, Gets It Stolen and Wrecked 2 Hours Later
Total Views 41609
Jim Jones Wife Screaming On Him Like He a Lame and NOT Capo Status One Eyed Willy!
Total Views 17658
People Will Think You're CRAZY Using This New Smart Watch Band That Plays Sound Thru Your Finger!
Total Views 19629
Desiigner BUSTED By Police with Gun and Drugs in NYC! (Going Down Like Bobby Shmurda)
Total Views 32777
Plies Goes In On Idiot Criminals Who Try To Sell Drugs and Scam Thru Instagram Comments
Total Views 42662
Her Parents Don't Know Shes Marrying a Mexican Dude Named Pedro!
Total Views 24680
You Better Not Laugh At This!
Total Views 35012
Future - Married To The Game [Music Video]
Total Views 38310
Mel B Pisses On Bear Grylls Hand After He Gets Stung By Jellyfish
Total Views 41027
How a Good Cop Handles a Situation
Total Views 36926
Apple iPhone 7 Plus Hands On
Total Views 40786
Drake Jewelry Thief Busted By Police and He Looks Like A Crackhead
Total Views 45404
Collateral Beauty (Starring Will Smith and Ed Norton) [Trailer]
Total Views 35473
The Impossible Burger Is Closest Thing To Real Beef
Total Views 15911
Steph Curry Loves That Colin Kaepernick Stands Up For His Beliefs
Total Views 29597
Rihanna Launches Her Puma Fashion Line FENTY
Total Views 30204
Lame Dude Snapchats His Cheating Girlfriend and Embarrasses Himself In The Process
Total Views 30158
Pete Rock Disses Lil Yachty and Posts Failed Hot97 Freestyle on His Instagram
Total Views 19096
Lil Wayne Disses These Fake Internet Rappers and Says They're Doing Nothing
Total Views 26089
Young Thug Professes His Love For Lil Wayne and Said He Wishes Lil Wayne Loved Him Back!
Total Views 25422
Bumbaclot! Rastaman Fights Cop At The DMV! (Fat Chick Thinks She 5-0 and Tries To Help)
Total Views 32964
Scumbag! 49ers Cut Bruce Miller After Assaulting 70-Year-Old Grandfather
Total Views 17204
Grandma Shoplifts From Jewelry Store (Would You Snitch Or Mind Your Business?)
Total Views 21632
Fetty Wap Aint Changing NO Dirty Diapers For His Trap Queen Now That He Went Hollywood!
Total Views 26451
Wah Gwan?! Sucker For Love Male Groupie Gives Flowers, Does Pushups Then Manhandles The Queen Of Dancehall!
Total Views 19888
Jay Electronica Tells Groupie Fans To BUMRUSH The Stage and They Follow Cause They Wanna Join The Bandwagon
Total Views 25252
Trump Supporting Pastor Walks Off Interview After Being Confronted For Being FAKE and Not Keeping It Real!
Total Views 32133
Italian Fans BOO French National Anthem Before Buffon Intervenes and Makes Them Clap (Monkey See Monkey Do?)
Total Views 24221
Mutant Pig With Human Face and Penis On Forehead Caught on Camera!
Total Views 20985
Philippines President Calls Obama a 'Son of a Bitch' and He's No Puppet!
Total Views 19729
Stripper Pushed By Jealous Player Hating Wife During Husband's Lap Dance
Total Views 32691
Abandoned Ghost Malls In Ohio
Total Views 30367
Teen Recruits His School For Rap Video Instead Of A Bunch of Thots and Goons
Total Views 20169
Lowriders and Twerking Shuts Down The Block In Albuquerque (Cops Don't Revoke Their Hood Pass)
Total Views 42853

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