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Shaunie O'Neal Has A New Reality Show About Being a Single Mom with Five Kids and Eating Off Shaq's MILLIONS!
Total Views 9419
Black Women Getting Into K-Pop Since Hip Hop and R&B Is FAKE Now?
Total Views 9318
#MrStealYourGrandma! Hot Grandpa Got The Ladies Going NUTS!
Total Views 31470
Metro Boomin and New Balance Teams Up For Shoe Collab
Total Views 24745
Irvin Randle aka #MrStealYourGrandma Got The Internet Going Nuts! (54-Year-Old Grandfather With Swag)
Total Views 38835
Joe Budden Dissing Drake and Meek Mill On His New Song
Total Views 40190
Woman Spanked Walking Down Street In Brooklyn (Ladies Beware, Butt-Spanking Bandit On The Loose)
Total Views 35881
Thief Sneaks In Woman's Car and Steals Her Purse Right In Front Of Her Pumping Gas!
Total Views 23853
Restaurant Manager Calls Woman a Bitch And All Hell Breaks Loose
Total Views 43352
Sully (Starring Tom Hanks) (Story About Pilot Who Landed Airplane In Hudson River) [Trailer]
Total Views 25151
Desiigner Performs Panda At BET Awards 2016 Memes
Total Views 30548
Meet All The Cars From Fast and Furious 8
Total Views 26400
Washed Up Street Rapper Tries Hard To Impress Rick Ross and Ride His Bandwagon Instead Of Making His Own Lane
Total Views 29936
Andrew Luck Just Got Paid ($140 Million Through 2021)
Total Views 30752
Damon Dash Talks Demise of Jay Z Relationship and Problems With His Baby Mother
Total Views 29841
Tony Hawk Lands 900 At 48!
Total Views 29685
Stitches - Pain And Success [Music Video]
Total Views 19869
Desiigner Cooked Up 'Panda' in TWO Days
Total Views 16547
Robot Dog Can Do The Dishes And Bring You A Beer
Total Views 24635
DJ Khaled Releases Epic Preview To Song Featuring Jay Z and Future... Thats Most Likely Trash!
Total Views 31993
White Lady Harrasses Black Kid For Selling Candy
Total Views 45552
Drake's Abandoned Secret Bastard Son Begging For More Child Support!
Total Views 41110
19-Year-Old Spiritually Married To 61-Year-Old Polygamist
Total Views 34593
Jay Leno Rides In 2500HP Wheelie Car and It Flips Over On Him!
Total Views 17101
When You Catch A Thief Stealing Out Your Car! (Caught Red Handed)
Total Views 35855
Boosie Makes $53,000 In One Day and Isn't Too Happy
Total Views 47278
Hundreds Stranded, Several Dead Due To West Virginia Flood
Total Views 18820
Gucci Mane Shoots New Music Video With Young Thug and Drake! (First Video Since Release From Prison)
Total Views 30744
V-Nasty - On The Hood [Music Video]
Total Views 16426
LeBron James Full Speech At Cleveland Cavs Championship Parade
Total Views 33791
Chitown - I Stay Wastin' Hundreds (And Man I'm Counting Bands Doing Kanye's Dance) [User Submitted]
Total Views 8196
Gucci Mane and Friends Kickin It Inside His Mansion
Total Views 21788
Man Claims To Be Lover Of Orlando Shooter
Total Views 36025
LeBron James Says He's Staying In Cleveland
Total Views 34870
Gucci Mane and Zaytoven First Concert In Over 3 Years!
Total Views 32878
Gay Dude LIES About Being An Orlando Terrorist Attack Survivor!
Total Views 38747
50 Cent DISSES Everyone and Gets BOO'ED Off Stage In Atlanta
Total Views 38585
Man Makes Handmade Amusement Park With NO Help Or Cosigns
Total Views 31732
Where Dollars DIE (and are Reborn)
Total Views 29757
Woman Inherits Thousands But Bank Blocks Her From Cash Like She's A Criminal!
Total Views 14617
People Really This Stupid? (Disposable Paper Smart Phone)
Total Views 39821
Father of 8 Abandons His Kids Cause He Thinks His Baby Mother a Thot! (Paternity Tests Are In!)
Total Views 29777
Kodak Black Says He's BETTER Than 2Pac and Biggie (Blasphemy or Nah?!!!!)
Total Views 19593
TI Explains Why Roots and Slave Movies Are Important For The Culture + Talks Troy Ave Shooting In NY
Total Views 29591
Desiigner Takes 'Panda' to Wall Street With Model Andreea Diaconu
Total Views 30744
How Long It Takes To Shoot and Reload Different Guns
Total Views 35091
Junk Juice! Man Takes Stacks Of McDonald's Burgers and Fries and Juices Them!
Total Views 35155
Waka Flocka Says Artists Praising 'Big Gucci' In Songs and Tweets Are FAKE Bandwagon Riders!
Total Views 26434
KOHH - Business and Art [Music Video]
Total Views 35323
Kim Kardashian West Kimojis: Butts, Tears and What's Fire AF
Total Views 25319
No Germs! How To Blow Out Candles On a Birthday Cake?
Total Views 7541
Standing Underneath This Tree Will Kill You!
Total Views 32058
Relaxing Hair and Lightening Skin
Total Views 28621
Long Red-Haired Man Upset No Inmates Tried To Holla At Him During His Bid at Rikers Island!
Total Views 20511
This Dude Is a Plus Sized MODEL! (Talks About His Come Up Shuckin And Jivin)
Total Views 35105
Bad Kid Lights The Fireworks Stand In Walmart
Total Views 25810
LeBron James Checks His Mom and Tells Her To Sit Her A** Down! [Throwback]
Total Views 36148
Stepehen A. Smith Says Ayesha Curry Need To STFU and Stay In HER LANE Like Lebron Wife Savannah!
Total Views 34247
Disney World Alligator Attack (New Details)
Total Views 20885
Ayesha Curry Says The NBA Finals Are Rigged
Total Views 29251
Steph Curry Throws Mouthpiece Into Stands Then Gets Ejected!
Total Views 30191
Muslim Terrorist vs Christian Terrorist (Social Experiment)
Total Views 21956
Guy Who Held The Door Shut At Orlando Nightclub Speaks!
Total Views 25156
Alligator Attacked This Lady and Bit Her Arm Off! (Shares Her Shocking Story)
Total Views 31835
7th Grade Quarterback Lands College Offer
Total Views 29670
Good and Bad Childhoods
Total Views 35223
Orlando Shooting: Wife of Gunman Knew About Planned Attack
Total Views 25907
Watch This Handicapped Man Stop Two Armed Robbers! (True Hero)
Total Views 24972
Drunk Girl Falls and Breaks Fish Tank
Total Views 30496
Desperate Looters Storm Shop in Crisis Hit Venezuela and Ransack Shelves
Total Views 29077
16-Year-Old Girl Shot & Killed at Vigil in Oakland
Total Views 27462
Comfort Dogs Bring Hope and Healing after Orlando Shooting
Total Views 24213
Sig Sauer MCX: This Is The Rifle Orlando Nightclub Shooter Used
Total Views 45475
This Is How Orlando Shooter Got Inside Nightclub with 264 Rounds of Ammunition!
Total Views 49114
Man Makes Robot Woman
Total Views 30309
Orlando Shooter Was Gay Says Bar Patron
Total Views 18513
Orlando Shooting: Pulse Nightclub Massacre [20/20 Documentary]
Total Views 21649
Lil Wayne Has Another Seizure! (Forces Emergency Jet Landing)
Total Views 35232
Angry Gay Man Walks Off TV Show During HEATED Orlando Massacre Debate
Total Views 27880
Usain Bolt Slays The 100m At The Racers Grand Prix 2016
Total Views 40751
Random People Who Look Like Celebrities
Total Views 19595
Disc Golf Fling Lands In Hole (AMAZING!)
Total Views 30590
Amine - Caroline [Music Video]
Total Views 15160
Rocko Releases Footage Of Future Before He Started Acting Brand New!
Total Views 36992
Omar Mateen: Florida Shooter at Gay Orlando Nightclub
Total Views 28782
Deranged Male Groupie Stalks and Murders YouTube Star 'Christina Grimmie' After Concert Meet and Greet
Total Views 30246
Bendable Smartphone
Total Views 43869
Young Chief Keef Before The Money and Fame
Total Views 27726
Man Who Body Slammed Justin Bieber Says All He Asked For Was An Autograph!
Total Views 42910
Money Talks: PlayQ Co-Founder and CEO Gives Advice For Young Entrepreneurs
Total Views 26017
16 Ways to Spot a Bandwagon Sports Fan
Total Views 28679
Desiigner - How The Hit Song 'Panda' Came To Be
Total Views 38313
Cam Newton Sings Usher's Nice and Slow'
Total Views 36352
Woman Illegally Parked Gets Upset When Confronted By A REAL Handicap Driver!
Total Views 33091
Cute Dimepiece Blonde Girl Can Throw a Football BETTER Than Cam Newton and Russell Wilson?
Total Views 35222
Don't Get Dropped! Guy Tackles Dead Beat Dads And Hands Them Their Summons To Court Via Their Baby Moms
Total Views 36576
Magic Johnson's DIVA Son Goes To NYC To Try and Become A World Star
Total Views 17821
Donna Meets Fiance's Baby Mama And All Hell Breaks Loose! 'Im The One Supporting Him While He's In Jail!'
Total Views 16866
Woman's Beard Makes Her Feel Sexy (Is She Being TOO Real and Natural?)
Total Views 15928
African Woman Says Husbands Force Them To Whiten Their Skin
Total Views 25636

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