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Katt Williams Gives Solutions For Police Brutality and Society
Total Views 34205
Jeffrey Reunited With His Mother After 10 Years
Total Views 27600
Birdman The Rapper Narrates Birdman Andersen's 2005 Slam Dunk Contest Appearance
Total Views 37961
The BEST Fakers And Floppers In MMA
Total Views 39931
Working Through Emotional Barriers (This What REAL Men Do Instead Of Complain and Player Hate)
Total Views 28634
Rasta Punches White Dude and His Girl In The Face Then Apologizes Before All Hell Breaks Loose
Total Views 28587
Delivery of Brand New Lamborghini Huracan Spyder
Total Views 20088
Maryland Flood Looking Like Hurricane Katrina!
Total Views 29871
Brazilian Drug Lord's Prison Cell Was Lavish and Luxurious! (Flat Screen TVs, Kitchen, Conference Room)
Total Views 35228
Ryan Williams Lands Worlds First 1080 Front Flip
Total Views 20803
Crazy Veteran Bullies and Threatens Nerdy Pokemon Go Players!
Total Views 24570
Woman Trapped In Car During Maryland Flash Floods Plus Two Dead
Total Views 25302
G-Eazy's Underdog Rise To Fame! 'I'm Not Some Super Famous Rapper's Artist' (Sneak DISS JCole, Kendrick and Drake?)
Total Views 20632
Pimp C DISSES Young Jeezy and Says Atlanta Hip Hop Artists are FAKE! [Throwback]
Total Views 39802
Hillary Clinton Lets The US Flag FALL and Hit The Ground After DNC Speech
Total Views 41828
Goon Pulls Hidden Gun on Officer Then Gets LIT UP With Bullets
Total Views 36021
Magician With No Hands Impresses Penn & Teller
Total Views 15648
EXPOSED! Child Preacher Gets Called Out For Not Understanding His Own Gospel!
Total Views 35527
Pope Francis Trips and FALLS During Mass In Poland!
Total Views 20710
Rudy From The Cosby Show CRIES Cause Ex-NFL Husband Divorced Her While She's Pregnant!
Total Views 24077
Dr. Dre Handcuffed In Front of His Own Home!
Total Views 36406
Crazy Oleg Does Handstands On Rooftop Ledge! (What Is He Trying To Prove?)
Total Views 25160
Terrifying Airplane Takeoff Compilation
Total Views 15253
Leopard Battles Porcupine and Gets Stuck Up
Total Views 36376
The War Against Black Boys (Dr Umar Johnson on Roland Martin)
Total Views 30998
Lil Wayne Gets Mad At High Times Concert And Storms Off Stage ''Don't You Ever Ever EVER Invite Me To This Again''
Total Views 26886
Dick Gregory - El Chapo and Drugs in America
Total Views 20052
Grand Puba - UDK [Music Video]
Total Views 9178
Kong: Skull Island [Movie Trailer]
Total Views 16638
Car Flies Off Race Track and Crashes Into Crowd of People In Trinidad!
Total Views 25485
Justin Timberlake, Steph Curry and Alfonso Ribeiro Do The Carlton Dance While Golfing
Total Views 34850
Tiger Attacks Woman and Eats Her ALIVE!
Total Views 40500
Weirdo Decides To Go Around and Humiliate Cops! (Is He Asking To Get Arrested?)
Total Views 41177
LeBron James New TV Show 'Cleveland Hustles' Coming In August
Total Views 41398
Goon Shoots and Kills 9 People At McDonalds In Germany!
Total Views 51777
Bootleg Action Bronson Looking Preacher Claims He Can Bring Back The Dead and Magically Heal People!
Total Views 39489
Lamborghini Murcielago Loses Control and Crashes On Wet Highway!
Total Views 41567
KKK Grand Wizard Running For US Senate
Total Views 42693
Black Panther Sneaks Up On Man and You Wont Believe What Happens Next!
Total Views 29273
Nino Brown Screams On MALE Groupies Riding The Next Man's Bandwagon While Still Being Broke
Total Views 35140
Desiigner Catches Pokemon the Same Way He Performs
Total Views 34265
Dude Takes Serious L and Gets Beatdown By Some UFC MMA Moves In Front Of His Wife and Kids!
Total Views 41228
Russell Westbrook Finally Responds To Durant Trade and His Future With The OKC! (Jokes)
Total Views 29353
Married Man Gets Revenge On Cheating Wife and Her Boyfriend!
Total Views 46441
Jumping In Strangers Cars
Total Views 35452
Wife Caught Cheating On Husband!
Total Views 33856
Desiigner - Panda (Old People Breakdown The Lyrics)
Total Views 31655
EXPOSED! Cellphones Pop Corn
Total Views 28438
The Music Industry and the Digital Revolution
Total Views 35186
Man Complains About Not Getting Oral Sex From His WIfe!
Total Views 40897
Giant Panda Gives Birth To A Cub
Total Views 20651
How To Make Huge Gummy BLEACH Jello Dessert! (LOL)
Total Views 14355
Mike Tyson - How To Land The Knock Out!
Total Views 20530
Pure EVIL! Woman Accused Of Urging Men On Craigslist To Rape Pregnant Wife of Cop and Some Came Knocking!
Total Views 17884
Grown Black Man Defends Playing Pokemon Go and Living In A Fantasy World!
Total Views 18599
Savage Beast Comes Out The Water And Attacks Everyone On The Beach [Caught on Tape]
Total Views 33754
Wendy Williams Gets In Heated Debate With Roland Martin About Race in America
Total Views 24843
James Harden & Brandon Jennings Show OUT In-Front of Kendall Jenner at Drew League! (Thirsty to Impress Becky!)
Total Views 30558
Sheriff and Don Lemon's Heated Exchange On Police Shootings
Total Views 26717
Life Of Desiigner
Total Views 29618
Gangster Grandma Gets In Fight With Old Man In a Cowboy Hat On The Subway Cause She Bout That Life
Total Views 25731
EXPOSED! Diamond Lavish Reynolds Will Cut A Bitch's Throat
Total Views 34915
Florida Guy Fighting To Keep His Pet Alligator That He Feeds Pizza and Chips Ahoy Cookies
Total Views 30505
If You Think Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Got Done Dirty By Police... Watch How THIS Guy Holding A Flip Flop Gets Done!
Total Views 35099
YBS Skola - They [Audio] (Tribute To Lor Scoota and Truz)
Total Views 19612
Child Protective Service Agent Gets Handled! 'I Need To See The Child!'
Total Views 39500
We're The Superhumans [Rio Paralympics 2016 Trailer]
Total Views 20751
STOP Getting High In Front Of Kids! (Al Nuke Responds To Philandro Castile Girlfriend Getting Exposed)
Total Views 33024
EXPOSED! Philandro Castile and Girlfriend Discredited? (Caught Smoking Blunts, Drinking Henny In Car With Baby In Backseat!)
Total Views 49947
LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade Make Plea To End Police Brutality
Total Views 21227
Donald Trump: Do You Understand the African-American Experience?
Total Views 37011
Jay Z Protege Memphis Bleek Bankrupt and Broke With Only $100! (Jigga Lied and Said He'd Always Be A Millionaire)
Total Views 19820
Tyrese Breaks Up Fight Between David Banner and Lyfe Jennings
Total Views 43095
Red Rose Panic - Party Time, Excellent [Music Video]
Total Views 154134
Hiker Posts Photo From Grand Canyon Before Falling Off Cliff To Her Death
Total Views 25356
Juvenile and Mannie Fresh Talk About Their First Time Performing In NYC
Total Views 30219
Dude With NO Hands Rolls The Worst Blunts
Total Views 29674
#MrStealYourGrandma Plays The Dating Game
Total Views 29627
First Black Miss Alabama Washed Up Now and Looking For Instagram Attention! (Calls Dallas Shooter a Martyr)
Total Views 36398
CREEPY! Possessed Teddy Bear Sits Up And Lies On Child In Bed!
Total Views 42862
LiL MoCo - Panda (Desiigner - Panda PARODY)
Total Views 28640
Baby Future Calls Russell Wilson 'Papa' And Kisses Him On The Mouth [Pause]
Total Views 40646
Limbless PlayStation Gamer Uses Chin And Shoulder To Play
Total Views 41515
Shot 16 Times In 4 Gang-Related Shootings in South LA And STILL STANDING!
Total Views 41770
Plane Flies Under Tightrope Walker and Backflipping Motorcyclist!
Total Views 30600
Drake Mom Forgot To Get Him A Tuna Sandwich
Total Views 13614
#MrStealYourGrandma Working Out At The Gym
Total Views 24508
Hair Weave Bandits Steal $50,000 Dollars Worth of Hair in Detroit!
Total Views 29460
Gucci Mane Is a Clone and a Clown Says Random Player Hater! 'This Man Is An Agent of DOOM!'
Total Views 38463
Stealing Black Culture (Documentary Says Culture Vultures Are Racist and White Supremacists)
Total Views 37846
Bloods and Crips Unite in ATL to Protest
Total Views 45169
Man Pulls Gun On Crowd of Portland Protesters
Total Views 32989
Wendy Williams Wants To Smash #MrStealYourGrandma!
Total Views 28959
Girlfriend Who Live Streamed Philando Castile Shooting Speaks (Where Her Lawyers At Though?)
Total Views 31798
Philando Castile's Girlfriend Emotional Address On Facebook Live Stream
Total Views 40127
Mike Epps New Sitcom Uncle Buck Cancelled After First Season Because Nobody Wants To Watch A Show About A Happy and Coonish Black Family
Total Views 41172
Cardi B Gets Political and Slams Police After Alton Sterling Killing!
Total Views 29986
Mr. Steal Your Grandma Got Women WORLDWIDE Going Crazy Over Him!
Total Views 14732
90-Year-Old Stripper Needs To Sit Her Old Ass Down!
Total Views 32941
Rick Ross Smoking Weed While On Probation and TMZ Snitching To Get Him Busted!
Total Views 35303

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